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Manage knowledge: collect, maintain, and transfer knowledge within your organization

The major chemical company has four production facilities, 10’000 workers, 500+ various professions with in-house training, and 2000+ workplace instruction manuals. The HR  estimated the cost of digitalizing the training programs at $40 million, which was way over the budget, and turned to us to help reduce the initial costs. We have processed all training programs and workplace instruction manuals and have introduced an object-oriented approach to knowledge management. This approach has allowed us to reduce the total number of unique training modules by 98,5% and the total volume of instruction manuals by 22%. We have successfully reduced the cost of digitalization from $40 to $1.5 million.

Total savings achieved
Over $37 million on the cost of the digitalization of the training programs;  
Over $2.5 million yearly on the TCO;

Shorten employees’ onboarding time

The retail chain has more than 30’000 stores and recruits more than 100’000 new employees annually. Onboarding lasted four weeks, with dedicated personnel in every store. The cost effect on P&L was dramatic. Electronic Education deployed a pre-boarding training process and digitalized onboarding. The result – onboarding time reduced to 1 week, onboarding cost per employee reduced from $100 to $35.

Total savings achieved
Over $6.5 million/year on the new employees` onboarding cost.
Over$2.7 million/year on the losses due to the early dismissals.    

A real estate company with 60 branches, 2000 employees, up to 300 new employees/month, four weeks onboarding time. The onboarding cost per employee was over$500. We have identified core learning issues and digitalized the training process, reducing the onboarding time to 5 days and the onboarding cost to under$100.

Total savings achieved
Over $1.4 million/year on the new employees` onboarding cost.
Reduction in early dismissal by over 15%.

Speed up training on the use of new machinery and equipment

The aircraft producer experienced issues with flight attendants not following one specific step in the emergency door opening procedure. After the field study, we created a digital training simulator. The methodological approach to learning resulted in 100% procedure compliance by all flight attendants after 40 min training. As a side effect, our employees tend to open an airplane door every time they pass by during the flight. 

Regional European high-speed trains were stopped and delayed for almost 30 minutes every time a conductor wrongly used the wheelchair lift opening button by pressing it more than once, which resulted in the lift being stuck midway. Thirty minutes of conductors’ training on a digital simulator eliminated the problem.

Streamline procedures and train on them

The large system integrator struggled with business processes performed in the HR Services Division with over 1000 employees. The Division was servicing large corporations by hiring around 500 000 people yearly, following 200+ client-related business processes that changed weekly. Due to frequent changes, employees had difficulties following business processes, making mistakes, and jeopardizing companies’ business. We have introduced the new digital step-by-step business process guides and eliminated the need for weekly training.

Total savings achieved
Average employee`s productivity has increased by 18%;
The number of mistakes has dropped below the acceptable minimum;
Company has started taking on new clients and growing business;

Shorten deployment time for new software, or process

The large system integrator had to deploy a new ERP system for the retail chain with over 10 000 stores in under one month. The main obstacle to the quick deployment was the need to train three groups of key personnel in the stores – Store Directors, HR Managers, and Operational managers, a total number of over 25 000 people. KPI – more than 95% of the personnel have to use the system and follow the new procedures successfully. Electronic Education analyzed the interface of the ERP and clustered all the elements of the new procedures according to the object-oriented approach. Adaptive training materials were created, tested, and introduced in the new LMS.

Project results:
Training materials for the ERP system as well as for the new procedures created in under two weeks;
All personnel trained in under one week;
KPI achieved - 98% of the personnel successfully used the ERP and followed new procedures in under one month.

Cut digitalization cost

The University, with over 30 000 students studying in 18 different faculties and 52 educational programs at the bachelor’s level, had a plan to digitalize most of the programs to expand to the new regional markets. The preliminary calculations have shown that the current budget allowed digitalizing no more than 20% of the total volume. Electronic Education has analyzed all the educational programs and decomposed the syllabus into micro modules, introducing competency frameworks. The object-oriented approach has reduced the total volume of required educational materials by 83%.

Total savings achieved
Over 80% on the cost of the digitalization of the educational programs;
Digitalization completed in one year;
Due to the use of the competency frameworks and object-oriented approach to educational planning, it became possible to implement Individual Educational Trajectories for most BSc programs.

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